Image by Evan Dennis

Immigrant Art is an initiative that has come about in response to the flood of new and prospective creative talent that has been arriving in Europe in recent years.

In the current political climate, it can be challenging to be recognized for one’s talent and expertise rather than the (often stereotypical) socio-cultural identities that are assigned to us, whatever our nationality, physical appearance and length of time spent in the country.

In spite of the many and different challenges that foreign residents face, artistry, creativity and skills remain. It is very often during times of struggle that art flourishes and finds new wings, and we aim to fly high.

In addition to forced or involuntary migrants, there are people who move abroad because they wish to. Depending on the socio-political, socio-cultural conditions in the society, not to mention the barrier of language, feeling that sense of belonging and a part of a community can also prove challenging for people who are in a country by choice.

Immigrant Art is responding to the need that newcomer and long-term foreign residents have for creating a peer network, for finding a public space for their artistic expression, for identifying with the communities in which they live and work, and for enjoying enthusiasm and support for their artistic skills.

Our Mission Statement

Immigrant Art is an initiative dedicated to bringing diverse forms of artistic expression by voluntary and involuntary migrants into the public domain. Through collaborative, cross-cultural projects using the universally comprehensible medium of art, we aim to strengthen and enrich the co-creation of human communities and foster long-term organic integration.