The Core Team

Image by Mario Purisic

Steering Group

Nicol Savinetti (developer, research / director)
Social Scientist, Editor, English Language Consultant, Copenhagen
PhD in Social Policy from University of Tampere, Finland

I am British citizen, with mixed heritage and have been permanently resident in Denmark for sixteen years. From the time of my Bachelor degree (from the University of Surrey) to finishing  my Masters (at Roskilde University) I  lived in Germany, Spain, Australia, Denmark and Finland for different periods and traveled extensively worldwide. Over those 13 years I had a lot of fun teaching English, doing language editing and working in the hospitality industry. I have always been acutely aware of what is happening around me within, betweeen and across cultures both in the UK and in the countries I have lived, studied and worked in. All of this combined with growing up with politically and socially active parents have undoubtedly shaped me as a person and the choices I am making about the path my work and social life is taking. Here are some links to my other ongoing work activities:,,

Angelique Sanossain (developer, photography / project management)
Syrian Armenian Artist, Copenhagen
BA in Marketing and Business Administration, Southampton Solent University, UK
My work experience by large, has been focused on my family business, yet I always thought that I should experience work and life in different organizations. I volunteered with a broad range of programs in Syria on different levels. On the artistic level, I worked closely with” le pont gallery” where we used to organize international photo festivals. Later on with friends we managed to established our own initiative and create Artville in Aleppo. I also worked closely with community development programs either related to my roots in the Armenian community, and specifically and more with the Syrian community in general ,in which i choose to mention Moubaderoon, promoting  leadership in community development (LICD) programs. Today I work for an NGO in Copenhagen and yes I am a dreamer an Artist and free spirited. I believe in Humanity and I believe in a better Tomorrow. Today I feel it all makes sense, all my past diverse experiences are connected indirectly to be who I am today. For more about my artwork feel free to visit

Hannah Kousholt (developer, music / administrator & lead project manager)
Global Health Scientist, Cognitive Mentor, Entrepeneur, Copenhagen
MSc Human Biology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and NIMR Tanzania

I am curious about people, culture, languages and art. I am Danish, but have lived in countries where I constitute a very small minority, ethnic other. For two years I ran an NGO in Denmark, where recycled eyeglasses from Europe were distributed in mainly the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. For my Masters thesis I focused on chronic diseases and the role of foetal programming in developing countries. This took me to rural Tanzania, where I did my health research, studied Swahili and put my heart and soul into the local dances. In Japan I worked as an intern at a genetic laboratory, experienced my first earth quake and bowed so much I couldn’t stop when I returned to Denmark. I also lived in Northern Norway for a period, worked at the local hospital, and enjoyed the midnight sun and northern lights. All this is what I love and live for: being surprised, amazed and challenged when meeting new people every day. I recently settled down in Copenhagen, where I volunteer as a mentor and do my best to learn Arabic and the local bicycle culture.

Júlia Machado (developer, film)
PhD Candidate (Film and Media Studies), Copenhagen
I am a Brazilian filmmaker and have been a PhD student at Aarhus University since 2012. I have taught and organized film workshops and film screenings, and have been working as an independent filmmaker, producer, film editor and collaborator in many cinema, television and web productions since 2006. This year (2016) I was at Cannes Film Festival and screened my short film Bliss.

Mayra Navarette (developer, photography / project management)
Owner Mayra Navarette Photography
Msc. Engineering

Born in El Salvador, I grew up in love with the life of my little town -Concepcion de Oriente- in the eastern part of my country. My grandfather was the town storyteller and every night we gathered around him to listen to great adventures, legends of our gods or everyday aspects seen with imagination. With a background as a business woman and entrepreneur (I worked 20 years as an engineer), I have worked in many countries spanning all five continents. 7 years ago, while living in India, I decided to focus on my passion: photography, and founded my professional photography studio. Today, I call Denmark home. To build cities it is something that I had always liked and I have done it as an engineer, but when I worked as an artist with artisans and artists communities I built cities, figuratively speaking, that hold, nurture and grow to weave the arts into this new living structure. These breathing communities engage and inspire the people living in them. I believe building these cities is to share cultural experiences that contribute to a sense of place and communal identity. As part of Immigrant Art I am aspiring to propel art in the public landscape, support community-inspired creativity, and advance our multicultural legacy as a collective global community, working to ensure it impacts the communities it serves in a positive way, embracing art as a tool of empowerment and engagement, progress and transformation, community cohesion and cultural evolution. I am drawn to build initiatives like Immigrant Art as a liaison and incubator, not only able to bridge the gap between creatives, developers, and founders, but also to encourage fledgling and emerging artists, granting them exposure in the public space while connecting them with resources.

Sofie Kragh-Müller (developer, literary / project management)
Writer and founder of Forfatterskolen PS!, Copenhagen
BA in journalism from The Danisk School of journalism, Århus.
I was born in Kalundborg on the western coast of Sealand and have lived and been in every part of Denmark from childhood. For the last 16 years I have been living in Copenhagen. I have been working with texts of different kinds for years. Currently I am with the established publishing house Jensen&Dalgaard with my second novel (“How to get away”). Parts of my work have been translated by the American translator Thom Satterlee sponsored by the Danish Art Council. Apart from working with text as text, I also work with text in connection with music and I have collaborated with jazz/ambient guitarist, Tao Højgaard, performing text and music in different spaces. Also I am a founder and teacher at Forfatterskolen PS! where people suffering from mental illness can work with literture in different ways and with professional writers. I am a part of Immigrant Art because of my interest and skills in working with artist in cross-art projects. Personally, I always have the experience that my stories have a second and third life as music and film. I strongly believe that Immigrant art is a great way of bringing artist together in new communities to develope their art in new ways. For more info visit me at

Behnaz (developer, visual art)
Visual Artist
MSc Biology, University of Copenhagen
I am an Iranian American artist living in Denmark with my danish family. I work mostly with oil and I have a contemporary approach to the techniques of 1500-1700 Belgium and Italian masters. I have lived in six different countries and speak too many languages, but my interest in immigrant Art is as a “former” refugee. I left Iran more than 30 years ago and have never returned. Times were different then in Iran but the refugee crisis of the Iranians in Europe in the 80s look sadly similar to today’s crisis. I hope my involvement might add a bit of insight into the picture. Please feel free to check out my work on my website

Susanna Inkinen (communications advisor)
Media Advisor at International Media Support)


Advisory Board

Anna Klitgaard (project development / Photographer & Journalist at Cosmojournalism)
Anne Brostrøm Storgaard (project development / Director of BLU)
Felicity Willetts (project development / Freelance Documentary Film Producer)
Louise Whiteley (project development / Associate Professor, Curator at the Medical Museon)
Francisca Nacht (fundraising advisor /Social Entrepreneur)
Elisabetta Bosetti (project development / Freelance: Street Art & Mural Restoration & Preservation)
Patrick Dan Lorien (fundraising advisor, ImmArt developer / Writer, Archaeologist)
Marion Chen (business development / journalist at New Times, writer)
Sacramento Rosello (researcher, project developer / PhD in Literature and Cultural Studies)
Janice Dunn (project developer / Theatre director, Joint founder of Faster Pussycat theatre company)
Mira Skadegård Thorsen (project developer / Researcher, PhD Fellow Aalborg University)
Kristina Svith Villadsen (press contact for Artival 2016 / Freelance journalist and editor)

IT Team

Saif Aldeen Tahhan (artist, web designer)
Bernd Wunsch (programmer)