Contributing to and participating in research is a central tennet of Immart in the monitoring and evaluation process.  // At bidrage til og deltage i forskning er en central mål i Immarts monitorerings- og evalueringsproces. 

We are constantly learning through every action and happening and thus building knowledge that we believe should be shared. This knowledge is a means to understanding a broad range of critical issues relating to migration and the co-creation of communities. Participatory action research contributes to the success of our own organisation and other organisations and institutions, both public and private that are working in related fields. // Vi lærer konstant gennem alle aktiviteter og handlinger og dermed opbygger vi viden, som vi mener bør deles. Denne viden er resurse vi kan bruge til at forstå en bred vifte af kritiske spørgsmål vedrørende migration og samskabelse af samfund. Deltagelsesaktionsforskningen bidrager til succesen af vores egen organisation samt andre organisationer og institutioner, både offentlige og private, der arbejder inden for relateret områder.

Read about what we are and have been up to below in English only. // Læs mere om vores forskningsaktiviteter her, dog kun på engelsk og kontakt os gerne hvis du skal vide mere på dansk.

Living With Others: Fostering Cultural Pluralism Through Citizenship Politics

— A five-year research study funded by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) conducted by Dr Kim Rygiel (Department of Political Science, Wilfrid Laurier University) and Dr Feyzi Baban (Departments of International Development Studies and Political Studies, Trent University).

Dr Nicol Savinetti, founder of Immart, was interviewed by Dr Kim Rygiel and Dr Feyzi Baban in July 2017. Part of their research involves interviewing leaders and members of civil society organizations, community activist groups and local government officials regarding their experiences and input with respect to policies and projects related to integration of newcomers into local communities.

On 15 & 16 March 2018, Nicol, and fellow board members, Tina Israni and Charlie Brown attended a workshop at Humboldt University (Unter den Linden 6, Berlin) and Stiftung Mercator, (Neue Promenade 6, Berlin) organized by Kim and Feyzi.  The participants of the workshop included initiators of various grassroots projects and organizations in Germany, Denmark, UK and Turkey that use culture, arts and skills to foster cultural pluralism as well as academic researchers. Nicol gave a 20 minute presentation (prepared together with Sarah Jayne Kristiansen),which gave a brief description of Immart’s work with fostering community and details of some specific projects. Nicol also addressed the challenges of creating an inclusive network and organisation without excluding members of society.

On the back of the workshop, Nicol Savinetti and Sarah Jayne Kristiansen are currently writing a chapter about the identity of Immart and the success of the network for a future book publication in connection with the broader Living with Others research project.

As a result of our participation, Immart features in the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV)  2018 annual publication (see pp.80-83). The aim of the publication is to enrich the exchange of ideas about arts and culture, to increase the participation of artists and art enthusiasts in this dialogue, and to contribute to the development of cultural policies. The 2018 report entitled “Living Together: Fostering Cultural Pluralism Through the Arts” is edited by Dr Kim Rygiel and Dr Feyzi Baban as part of their comprehensive project, and provides background about debates on living together and the role of arts and culture in fostering inclusion and participation of newcomers such as refugees and immigrants. Among other things, it presents cases from various European countries and Turkey where different arts and cultural projects are used to include newcomers.

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İKSV are the organisers of the Istanbul Festivals of Music, Film, Theatre and Jazz, the Istanbul Biennial and the Istanbul Design Biennial among other events.

Raining Poetry Nørrebro // #RPN

— A case study for an EU research project on the Conservation of Art in Public Spaces (CAPuS)

The Raining Poetry Nørrebro project was introduced to CAPuS by art conservator and member of the Immart Network Elisabetta Bosetti. Elisabetta is a team-member of the Italian non-profit research association Cesmar7, which is one of the partners in the three-year European project (CAPuS – Conservation of Art in Public Spaces). Elisabetta is documenting the evolution of #RPN as a case study for CAPuS.

War, Identity and their Impact on Citizenship

— Conference and workshop organized by the Syrian Cultural Institute in Denmark on 21 & 22 January 2017 at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dr Nicol Savinetti presented examples from her experience with Immart on how some of the network members expressed that their identity had changed or was in flux since the war in Syria began at the workshop on Identity Before and After the War. 

The origins of Immart

The initial goal of Immart (originally “ImmigrantART”) was to mobilize non-Danish artists in Denmark and make room for their agency. In other words, the vision was to create a space in the public domain within which artists with immigrant backgrounds (who left their home countries by choice or because they were forced to) could be and could become active members of the communities that they are co-creating together with Danish artists and citizens.

The initiative was conceptualized in March 2016 as part of a broader research project application by Dr Nicol Savinetti to the University of Malmö that would attempt to analyse what happens during the process of “integration” of specific categorizations of newcomers, with art being—in a sense—the centrepiece that brings the two parties (locals and the newcomers) together. The most salient concepts she wanted to explore were difference, intra-action, migrant and non-migrant agency, co-creation, community, power and sustainability.

The research proposal was not accepted, but Immart was born.