Human Trafficking Pop-Up Exhibition

HopeNow has a unique opportunity to participate in the Stop slaveri! exhibition running at Arbejdermuseet in Copenhagen in 2017-2018, and they are looking for artists from our network.

One section of the exhibition is a pop-up space. The museum has asked a handful of organisations that work in related fields to do pop-ups.

HopeNow has been asked to make a pop-up exhibition that will educated visitors to the museum about topics that are largely thought to be related to the phenomenon of slavery.

Human trafficking and being a victim of human trafficking are sometimes referred to as “modern-day slavery”. It is within this context that the Arbejdermuseet invited HopeNow to exhibit a pop-up exhibition from 1 November 2017- 31 January 2017.

HopeNow is inviting artist to put forward their visual interpretations of one or more topics, issues, aspects etc. relating to HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

HopeNow invites submissions of one piece of (completed) work from artists living in Denmark who will be able to transport their piece to Copenhagen the week before the exhibition starts (27 – 31 October) and arrange for collection during the first week of January 2018.

NOTE the following:

  1. Total wall space = approx. 8 sq m + 6 sq m
  2. Total floor space = approx 16 sq m
  3. Artists must be resident in Denmark
  4. Submissions may include any visual works of art and poetry / prose
  5. The intended submission should be sent as a Word document via email to
  6. Include in the Word document:
    • a photograph/clip of the work, the dimensions, the materials used and other relevant specifications (e.g. whether a photograph comes with or without a frame; the length of an animation or short documentary; how poetry/prose should be exhibited … etc.)
    • Your name, nationality, artistic discipline, email address and telephone number
    • A statement about the piece you are submitting
  7. The deadline for submission is Monday 30 September 2017.
  8. A curator will make a final selection of the works to be exhibited, and the artists will be notified of the decision by Monday 6 October.
  9. The exhibition will open on Monday 2 October and the celebration of the opening will be on Wednesday 1 November.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Read more about the work that HopeNow does here and more about human trafficking here.