The IMMART Dinner is a social event that combines art, networking and food. The Dinner is a dynamic space where thoughts, experiences, emotions and ideas emerge, evolve and are discussed. It is also where meaningful connections are made to and with like as well as unlike members of society who have a common passion for art.

The practice of eating together at the same table – commensality – has great social value and impact to individual members of society and to society as a whole. It is a way to maintain reciprocity in social relations, a way to confirm a sense of belonging, a way to create a feeling of community membership, a way to introduce or be introduced to new cultures, not to mention being a pathway to good health.

The IMMART Dinner guests cover a broad cross-section of ethnically diverse artists and artscape stakeholders such as gallerists and other cultural workers, integration experts and civil servants, businesspersons, donors and art consumers. IMMART Dinners are:

  • Artist to Artist
  • Artist to Stakeholder
  • Stakeholder to Stakeholder

Each dinner is carefully curated in order to have a focal point from which conversation, creativity and connectivity can evolve. Dinners take different formats including:

  • Project Workshops
  • Showcasing Artists
  • Exhibition Dinners

IMMART Dinners are held in spaces that inspire creativity, from galleries to parks and public spaces, to people’s homes. If you have or know of a space and would like to host a Dinner get in touch.

The IMMART Dinner takes place on a bi-monthly basis (at a minimum).

The next IMMART Dinner will be held on Thursday 21 February, 18.00 at The Studio in Malmö. This is a closed event happening in conjunction with IMMART’s participation in the Network for the Diversification of Nordic Arts and Culture (NEDNAC).

Read about some of the IMMART Dinners passed:

Copenhagen, 19 November 2016 @ Sofie Kragh-Müller
Copenhagen, 9 January 2017 @ Angélique Sanossian
Copenhagen, 2 February 2018 @ Global Art Gallery
Copenhagen, 2 March 2018 @ Global Art Gallery
Copenhagen, 22 April 2018 @ Global Art Gallery