Artival 2016 Artist Profiles (Dansk)


cucina celeste

Alessandra Sicuro: Born in Italy in 1959. Alessandra Sicuro began her artistic career in Italy in 1986 and now has an atelier in Århusgade in Copenhagen, where she regularly exhibits. She holds a university degree in English and Spanish literature, and works with painting, illustration and poetry. Her art is related to her interest in modernist poetry, avant garde art and fairytales. “I pursue cultural awareness, integrity, sincerity of expression and wonder,” she says.

During ARTIVAL, Alessandra Sicuro exhibits her works at PH-Caféen.



Arsalan Chalabi: Born in 1986 in Kurdistan of Iran. “I believe that arts and literature can stop humans from killing and destroying each other,” says the poet and painter Arsalan Chalabi. As a social activist in the city of Boukan, he managed to exhibit art and publish poetry – under the radar of the Iranian regime. He had to leave Iran in 2014 after being imprisoned and threatened by security forces because of joining protests against ISIS. Arsalan Chalabi is currently seeking political asylum in Denmark.

During ARTIVAL, Arsalan Chalabi paintings are exhibited at PH-Caféen.


Repetition the past

Awang Behartawan: Born in Indonesia in 1970. Awang Behartawan is educated in graphic design from Modern School of Design (MSD) in the cultural capital of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. He got married to a Dane and still lives and works as an artist in Denmark.

During ARTIVAL Awang Behartawan’s graphic works can be seen at Global Art Gallery in Venløse.


KolahBehnaz: Born in Iran in 1969. Behnaz left Iran as a teenager and has lived in various countries including Germany, USA, Qatar and Kazakhstan prior to settling down in Denmark in 2014. Behnaz is a full-time visual artist and specializes in 15-17th century Flemish and Italian Old-Masters techniques. Currently her artwork focuses on daydreams and the child within.  During ARTIVAL Behnaz’ artworks can be seen at Global Art Galley in Vanløse.



Copy of The Wait (40 x 60 cm)

Evangelene Subashini Paul: Born in 1971 in Sri Lanka. Evangelene P has followed in the footsteps of her mother, who was a self taught artist. During the civil war, Evangelene P left Sri Lanka to settle in Canada where she pursued a career as lawyer. She moved to Denmark in 2013 because of a marriage to a Dane and is now studying Masters in Law at the University of Copenhagen. Evangelene Subashini Paul has never stopped painting and creating art.

During ARTIVAL, Evangelene Subashini Paul’s clear and colorful paintings are exhibited at PH-Caféen


Derobade #2 99x118 cm collage acrylic on canvasJosette Simon-Gestin: Born in France in 1958. “I am always questioning who am I, and where I am coming from as a person and as an artist,” says visual artist Josette Simon-Gestin. She studied at the Beaux-Arts in Rennes in France and has worked as an artist in USA, Austria and Italy. She is especially interested in the link between creativity, childhood and multiculture, a subject on which she was awarded a Bresler residency. Since 2013 Josette Simon-Gestin has lived in Denmark, and during ARTIVAL her colourfull paintings can be seen at Global Art in Vanløse.



Kathryn Kurtz: Born in USA in 1995. Even though Japan is Kathryn Kurtz’ first inspiration, she decided to finish her studies in Architecture Technology in Copenhagen. Watercolor is Kathryn Kurtz’ preferred artistic expression. She makes sketches and paintings in her free time.

Kathryn Kurtz will exhibit at Café Mandela during ARTIVAL.




Dronning Margrethe II

Saif Aldeen Tahhan: Born in Syria in 1990. Syrian artist Saif Aldeen Tahhan stunned the world with his photographic series ’Syria Go’ with its merge of the global gaming trend Pokemon Go and the harsh reality of everyday life in Syria. Saif Aldeen Tahhan holds a diploma in graphic design and has lived in Denmark since 2014. During ARTIVAL Saif shall exhibit at Kulturstationen Vanløse and Café Mandela.



Copy of Screen shot 2016-08-30 at 1.47.11 PMZahr Miro: Born in Syria in 1989. Zahr Miro studied a one year course in the basics of arts at Damscus University followed by a two-year study of Arabic calligraphy. She worked as a cartoon artist at Osama kids magazine for 7 months. Since arriving in Denmark she has completed a six-month praktik at AOF as an art teacher assistent and now works there as a watercolour and Arabic calligraphy teacher. Zahr is currently astudent at Aalborg talentakademi and will study there for three years.

Zahr Miro exhibits at Café Mandela during ARTIVAL.



Comp 2

Wael Toubaji Born in Syria in 1984. Wael Toubaji is educated from the Painting Department at the Faculty for Fine Arts at Damascus University in 2007 and has been trained in pixilation filmmaking in Syria. Since coming to Denmark, he has been teaching animation film at Vestjyllands Højskole and is currently working as a freelance animation filmmaker.

During ARTIVAL, Wael Toubaji will exhibit at Råhuset




Angélique Sanossian: Born in Syria in 1984. Angélique Sanossian is educated from Southampton Solent University in England and has taken classes and courses in professional photography in Syria and England. Since 2014, she has lived in Copenhagen after spending most of her life in Syria. Shadows, bodies and light are main ingredients in Angelique Sanossian’s photos featured at Råhuset during ARTIVAL.




Manko Power Girl - Copenhagen Pride 2014.

Bente Jæger: Born in Norway in 1967. With studies in professional still photography and fine art photography from Denmark and USA, Bente Jæger now has a communication company in Denmark and Norway. Over the last two years she has done a lot of research on the refugee crisis and has been following refugees and volunteers and lots of demonstrations with her camera, documenting and saving photos in an archive for a future book project and exhibition.

Bente Jæger will exhibit at Råhuset during ARTIVAL


Copy of image

Martin Lønstrup Esquives: Born in Sweden in 1981. Martin Lønstrup Esquives is a multimedia designer and autodidact photographer. “My dream has always been to make a difference with my photography,” he says.

Martin Lønstrup Esquives will exhibit at Råhuset during ARTIVAL.



Thumbnail Warrior Mayra Navarrete

Mayra Navarette: Born in El Salvador in 1965. Even though Mayra Navarrete has no formal education in photography, she captures portraits of people with great sensitivity and intensity. Educated as a Civil Engineer, she was born and raised in El Salvador and has lived in the USA, Mexico, India and since 2015 in Denmark.

During ARTIVAL, Mayra Navarette will exhibit at Råhuset




jan pet khortoJan Pêt Khorto: Born in Syria in 1986. Jan Pêt Khorto is an exiled Syrian-Kurdish poet and writer from Aleppo, Syria. At the age of 15, Jan Pêt Khorto started writing poetry as a reaction to the political suppression on Syrians in general and the Kurds in particular. His poetry collections have since been forbidden in Syria. As one of the survivors on a refugee boat, that sunk between Greece and Turkey, he managed to get to the Denmark in 2009. In 2016, Jan Pêt Khorto published his poetry collection ‘Eden’s Cradle – Whispering Destinies from Syria’ in Denmark. During ARTIVAL, Jan Pêt Khorto reads from his poetry collections in the Night Church in Our Ladies Church.


Arash Sharifzadeh Abdi: Born in Iran in 1972. Arash Sharifzadeh Abdi has studied Persian language and culture at University of Copenhagen and has been writing since then. Arash Sharifzadeh Abdi got well-known for his first poetry book in Danish, ‘Kvasidansk’ from 2009, and in 2015 he published the poetry collection ‘Songs to Freya’. Arash Sharifzadeh Abdi came with his family to Denmark as refugee from the Iran-Iraq War.

During ARTIVAL, Arash Sharifzadeh Abdi reads from his poetry collections in the Night Church in Our Ladies Church.


Christina EnglundChristina Englund: Born in Denmark in 1974. Christina Englund is a Danish poet that had her debut at Gyldendal in 1992. The novel ‘Dør til et værelse’ from 2008 was well received by the critics. She has collaborated with classical and rhythmic/elctronic musicians and done many concerts in Denmark.

During ARTIVAL, Christina Englund accompanies Arash Sharifzadeh Abdi and Jan Pêt Khorto in the Night Church.




_DSC0054Mikkel Andersen: Born in Denmark in 1972. Mikkel Andersen is a classical guitarist with degrees from the academies of music in Denmark and the Royal College of Music in London. He his played concerts in South America, USA, Canada, Cuba, Greenland, Russia, Baltics, Spain and many other countries.

Mikkel Andersen will accompany three poets in the Night Church during ARTIVAL.


14055609_1041128135923702_942869847_nNour Amora: Acclaimed classical guitarist Nour Amora with Syrian-Palestinian background has not even lived a year in Denmark, but has already played with the best in Danish music including Søs Fenger and Simona Abdallah. Nour Amora is a member of the Syndicate – an exclusive society for Syria’s best musicians – and now teaches children at the Welcome House at Ottiliavej in Valby how to play the guitar.

Nour Amora holds a jam session with guests at Café Mandela during ARTIVAL.




MalekMalek Shafi’i: Born in Afghanistan. “I know what it means to be and live as a refugee. I crossed numerous borders like many refugees are doing these days,” says film director and founder of the Afghanistan Human Rights Film Festival Malek Shafi’i. By screening his documentary film ’End of the Earth’ about his own experience as a refugee in 2001, Malek Shafi’i’s wants to show his sympathy to all who leave their homes because of war.

Malek Shafi’i will introduce ‘End of the Earth’ at the film screening.


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