The artistic output that comes from IMMART centers around three main concepts, which often intersect and overlap: Community Projects, Collaborative Projects and IMMART Dinners.

COMMUNITY PROJECTS bring together artists within our network with the wider local community.  All three of our community projects are either ongoing or in the next stages of planning. Read more about them here:

COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS with members of the IMMART Network and organizations and institutions engage with the arts, culture, migration and/or integration.

We are currently preparing for:

Previously held events include:

IMMART DINNERS are social events that combine art, networking and food. The IMMART Dinner is a dynamic space where thoughts, experiences, emotions and ideas emerge, evolve and are discussed. It is also where meaningful connections are made to and with like as well as unlike members of society who have a common passion for art. Dinner guests constitute a broad cross-section of ethnically diverse artists and artscape stakeholders such as gallerists and other cultural workers, integration experts and civil servants, businesspersons, donors and art consumers. Read more about IMMART Dinners here.

IMMART has previously supported and promoted individual members, who are active within our network, by applying for funding and assisting them with organizing exhibitions, performances, screenings and such. We hope to begin these activities again in the future. Previously held events include:

Read more about the events and projects we have done and are continuing with now, and keep up do date with whatelse is happening via our Facebook page.