War, Identity and their Impact on Citizenship in the Syrian Dilemma

WHO: The Syrian Cultural Institute in Denmark
WHERE: Frederiksholms Kanal 24, 1220 Copenhagen C
WHEN: 21-22 January 2017, 09.00 – 14.00

Nicol Savinetti will represent Immigrant Art at the two day conference organized by The Syrian Cultural Institute in Denmark. The conference will take place over to days, and Nicol will present Immigrant Art in a closed workshop on Integration and Social Interation on Sunday 22 January.

With the outbreak of the Syrian uprising in 2011 and its transformation into a civil war, Syrians found themselves in a position to choose between staying in their home country and face death and uncertainty or to leave and seek refuge elsewhere. This – together with an increasing level of sectarian violence and the tendencies towards shifting allegiances to their closest religious, ethnic or ideological groups – shook the very foundation of identity and belonging in the Syrian context. The continuous confrontations between different camps deepens the struggle and challenges the ideological prosperity of unity of Syria, and therefore highlights the very question of belonging. Shall the people show resilience in their diaspora and “integrate” in order to have a better future? What is the breaking-point of identity and personal belonging? Do they feel like Syrians, Turks or Danes when obtaining a new civic status? Is there a general tendency towards a unitary identity or a tendency towards building a new one in their new societies? Do the Kurds define themselves as Syrians? What is the role of education in the citizenry sentiment? are questions that highlight the importance of the Syrian individual and collective identity in their struggle – both in Syria and diaspora – in imagining the Syrian community as a stable and unified country in the post-conflict period.”

The conference languages will be Arabic and English.


FREE & PUBLIC: sign up by emailing kontakt@syriskkulturinstitut.dk

Opening speech: Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen, Director of The Syrian Cultural Institute in Denmark

First panel:
Odai Zoubi (Chair)
– Hassan Abbas, Director of The Syrian League for Citizenship
– Yassin Al Haj Saleh, Director of Hamisch, The Syrian Cultural House in Istanbul

Second panel:
Jan Pêt Khorto (Chair) , vice-president of The Syrian Cultural Institute in Denmark
– Necati Harmankaya, Kobanî Reconstruction Board
– Joseph Daher, founder of the blog Syria Freedom Forever

Debate + Q&A


Opening session: The Conceptualization of Citizenship
June Dahy (Chair)
Per Mouritsen (Aarhus University, DK)
Yussef Salameh (Sweden)

– Integration / social interaction: Buthaina (Chair), Nicol Foulkes Savienetti, Michelle Pace, Daham Alasaad.
– Identity before and after the War: Helle Malmvig (Chair), Kotada Younes, Nibal Mhesen, and Necati Harmankaya.
– Syrian political culture: Kurds, Islamists and Arabs: Odai Al Zoubi (Chair), Sune H, Jakob S. Petersen
– Citizenhood and Education: Per M. (Chair), Susanne Darwan, June Dahy, Yussef Salameh, and Jan P. Khorto.