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ImmigrantART is a Denmark based non-profit organisation that came about in response to the flood of new and prospective creative talent that has been arriving in Europe in recent years.

In the current political climate, it can be challenging to be recognized for one’s talent and expertise rather than the (often stereotypical) socio-cultural identities that are assigned to us, whatever our nationality, physical appearance and length of time spent in a country. In spite of the many and different challenges that foreign residents face, artistry, creativity and skills remain.

It is very often during times of struggle that art flourishes and finds new wings, and we aim to fly high. ImmigrantART is responding to the need that newcomer and long-term foreign residents have for creating a peer network, for finding a public space for their artistic expression, for identifying with the communities in which they live and work, and for enjoying enthusiasm and support for their artistic skills.

Our goal is to FACILITATE the access and participation of foreign artists living in Denmark, to CREATE new forms of artistic collaboration and output, and CONTRIBUTE with new knowledge to the discourse on migration, immigration and to dealing with difference in society.

We connect with people and people connect with us

We engage with voluntary (i.e moved to a country by choice), involuntary (i.e. moved to a country because they had no choice but to leave another country) migrants, locals, municipalities and civil society. Through exhibitions, workshops and other creative projects and experiments, we communicate various forms of art created by immigrants in collaboration with fellow members of society.

We make use of and continually expand our network

We regularly attend events related to migration, immigration, culture and the arts, and we keep in touch with the members of our Facebook group. We also support and promote our artists work when and whenever we can. We are starting local, going national and we will be international.

We are a network of VISUAL ARTISTS, textile artists, sculptors, CURATORS, photographers, FILM MAKERS, producers, writers, designers, POETS, practitioners, scientists, activists, FRIENDS and more. We are UNITED in our passion for art, creativity and freedom of expression for all.

We are facilitators, event makers, sparring partners, knowledge generators and providers, mediators and more. We are the go-to for all foreign artists no matter how long they have been in the country, and no matter their reasons for being here. We are a natural partner for public, private and civil society creativity-oriented organizations, nationally and internationally. We are a non-profit, volunteer-based start-up. We believe that if we are to contribute to making human communities successful and sustainable while organically embracing diversity, our activities must involve cross-cultural collaboration, inclusion and acceptance.

We have a board, an advisory board and a core team of artists who work and network on behalf of ImmigrantART

Since November 2017 we have been established as a non-profit association (forening). The members of our board decide on the priorities of the initiative and manage the everyday operations.  Our advisory board advise on strategy and development, as well as support our goals and mission, our artists and our prjects. Our core team of artists, who curate and create projects, and contribute to our development is currently based in Copenhagen.


Nicol Savinetti
Tina Israni
Charlie Brown


Sune Skadegaard Thorsen
Kirsten Mols
Yong Sun Gullach
Tina Vehage Lorien


Angélique Sanossain
Álvaro Gonzaléz
Sacramento Rosello
Maria Dubin
Pauline Jupin


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EMAIL:   info.immart@gmail.com
PHONE: +45 20822208

FACEBOOK: Immigrant Art Network / @immigrantart
INSTAGRAM: @immartdk
TWITTER: @immartdk

 Please do get in touch if you would like to work more closely together with us!