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Last year IMMART’s Project Coordinator and Literature expert Sacramento Roséllo represented both IMMART and Nolitch X at a network meeting for organisations in the Nordic and Baltic region that are working with multi-lingual writers living in the Nordic and Baltic countries. As a result of that meeting, a delegation from Finland came to Denmark on a fact-finding and knowledge sharing mission, and they asked to meet IMMART.

Sacramento and our then three Board Members, Nicol Savinetti, Charlie Brown and Tina Israni, met with representatives from Culture for All, Globe Art Point – GAP, and the Center for Cultural Policy Research – CUPORE in September 2018. The exchange was rich and the similarities and differences between our organisations were very apparent and appreciated, but the time was too short. So, we decided to apply for funding so that we could continue the conversations and figure out how we could benefit from one another’s knowledge in order to achieve our respective organisations’ mission and vision.

IMMART was successful in its application to Nordic Culture Point, and GAP equally successful with its application to Nordic Culture Fund for start-up network funding, with the inclusion of Fairooz Tamimi who works in Malmö and Lund. We were able to both continue our conversation and create paid work opportunities for artists in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, through virtual meetings and face-to-face meetings and Artist Dinners in Malmö and Helsinki between November 2018 and April 2019. See some images from the gatherings below.

By the end of the six months we decided that we wanted to continue our exchange and expand to include voices from all of the Nordic countries under NEDNAC – Network for the Diversification of Nordic Arts and Culture.

IMMART continues to co-ordinate the network until August 2019, when we shall rotate and one of the other member organisations will step in. until such time that the network is fully funded, IMMART shall continue to host the network’s homepage. During the course of June 2019, we shall have another virtual meeting before updating the NEDNAC page with our vision, mission, immediate and long-term objectives, and criteria for becoming a member of the network. One or more of the current member organisations of NEDNAC will during 2019 be applying for additional funds to grow the network and implement our goals.

We very much look forward ot sharing more news with you soon!

All the best


Meeting and IMMART Artist Dinner in Malmö. Photographic exhibition (Angélique Sanossian); Music performance (Nabil Kassis); Art exhibition (Evangelene Subashi Paul); Sound performance (Tim Bishop); Presentations (Curator – Letícia Stallone & Writer – Odai Al Zoubi)
Meeting and GAP Artist Dinner in Helsinki. Presentations by Visual Artist – Tiago Pinto; Dancer and Chairperson at Helsinki International Artist Association – Geneva Rosett-Hafter; Dancer and Choreographer – Njara Rasolomanana



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