Meet Charlie Brown

Charlie BrownCharlie Brown arrived on Danish shores about a year ago from Australia … partly because she wanted to feel comfortable drinking a glass of wine when it feels like nightime at 15.00!!

A great art enthusiast she was attracted to and joined ImmigrantART because of the multi-ethnic nature of our community.

Charlie has been reaching out to our Facebook Network members via FB in order for us to get a much stronger feel for who we are as a community of over 500 people. BUT at 250 Facebook said NO MORE and she is not able to reach the rest of you directly through Messenger.

Perhaps you have an unread message from Charlie in your Message Requests folder – it is safe to open … she is one of us! If you haven’t heard from Charlie, we would love it if you would send her a quick message that she can reply to with her few questions and other bits and bobs, including an invitation to our upcoming events.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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