Artist Dinner at Angélique’s

545131_10150862727523758_91558331_n“As a host I wanted to ensure that everyone was happy, but how can you measure happiness and not the meaningful dinner of Networking. Meaningful in a sense where artists network and talked /asked questions in order to  discover another artist viewpoints by sharing feeling and experiences and most of the time the talks on the table were so. For the most part we discussed our personal artistic projects, the Danish and  international scene in Denmark and integration … and one of the best talks was about the peak point in our artistic lives so far. On a personal level I was very touched that I welcomed a Syrian Artist without knowing him. He missed a special drink and I offered that from home – the guy was all the way up with the stars … it’s a small gesture but I felt good that he saw the stars and he felt home.”

Angélique Sanossian
Armenian-Syrian Photographic Artist

Three guests unfortunately needed to cancel last minute. However, from all accounts (and considering the last guests left at 04.00 the following morning) the artist dinner was a captivating evening that all of the attendees thoroughly enjoyed! Here are some quotes from the remaining participants:

“To those who attended, thanks for a wonderful evening. It was great to meet all of you and to get to talk, even for a short while. Thanks Angelique for being a great host!”

Alejandra UB
Mexican phorographer

“Great food and wine and good company loosened up the tongues and conversations were very interesting and intense.”

Mazen Alfeel
Syrian Artist

“Thank you Angélique! Such a good moment and in such good Company! Today was hard! ??”

Gilles  Jeronymos
French paperwork artist
Curator of INSIDE OUTSIDE exhibition (CPH January 2017)

“The experience was something that I feel we all need more of in our lives. It gave me immense inspiration and energy to share stories, and discuss without filter the many topics we touched on. Really lovely evening and lovely to meet you all! I look forward to the next time ?”

Oliver Petragallo
British-Italian furniture and interior designer

“An uplifting gathering!”

Josette Simon-Gestin
French painter

“Always nice to meet new people, and hear stories, and there were some good ones!”

Maria Dubin
Danish-American Visual Artist





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